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Monarch Construction > March 9 - May 28, 2009

I am not associated with HurdyGurdyCrafters (HGC). I just purchased and completed a kit, and I am happy to tell potential builders all about it.

The standard Monarch hurdy-gurdy kit has 4 strings (2 chanterelles, trompette, petit bourdon), but many setup options are available.

My completed Monarch hurdy-gurdy has six gut strings (2 chanterelles, trompette, mouche, petit and gros bourdons), 4 x sympathetic strings, bass tuners (changed to mechanical tuners in February 2010), adjustable bidge, and adjustable metal tangents.

My instrument is tuned G/C (Auvergnat), but you can string and tune the same instrument in D/G (Berrichon or Bourbonnais). It handles either tuning just fine.

The 4-string Monarch kit is available from, starting at $995 USD (about £620)UK, or €710 Euro). The 6-string Monarch kit starts at $1,195.

I give this kit an enthusiastic thumps up! I would be happy to answer questions about building this kit: email Jon.

Click on the link below to see a slide show of all 133 construction pictures.

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My comments:
The kit is fairly priced, plans are full-sized and extremely accurate, wood and metal parts are well designed, and are accurately cut and dimensioned.
The pre-bent mahogany sides come already glued into end blocks at both the crank and peg head ends, as shown in the picture.
The key chest and peg head arrive pre-assembled, but you have to attach the lid with hinges.
The wheel comes finished and rosined, ready for mounting on the axle.
Construction requires some intermediate luthiery/woodworking skills, and basic woodworking tools. All the difficult wood working is done for you.
Mel and Ann Dorries of HGC are always available via email or phone, and are most anxious to help one complete the kits successfully.

Below, a picture of some Monarch hurdy-gurdy kit parts taken from the HurdyGurdyCrafters (HGC) website.

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Below, my completed Monarch hurdy-gurdy, customized with laser-cut dragonfly rosette sound holes (my logo for DragonflyBridge Studios).

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